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Michael Kors Black Friday Sale bags come in a selection of shapes for your fashion preferences and practical needs. One can choose to wear the handy Michael Kors clutch to carry cash and small quantities of belongings. Or one can throw on a Michael Kors small hobo bag with a strap for ease and comfort. There is also the medium-sized Michael Kors satchel that's pretty and practical for everyday use. Michael Kors does think about how to create things easy for their consumers, especially in these modern and demanding times in our urban lives.

This Hamilton bag is launched as an important part of the MK Selection and it ranks into our top 10 selection as well. Michael Kors would simply be the great option. This may be simple, but it surely makes a statement in fashion forward styling. You can buy a Michael Kors bag that is seasonal for less but the next season it's out the doors and you will have to sell it or not wear it as much. All right, ladies, struggling for fashion and beauty, have a good day!

Whether you wish to create a style statement or just need a roomy bag which could easily carry your essential items, Michael Kors Black Friday 2014 handbags are the one which could fulfill both the requirements. The bags by Michael Kors are not only trendy but also are designed in such a way that could easily store plenty of your important stuff, like your cell phone, wallet etc. However, among these Michael Kors bags, hobo bags are simply what women can go crazy about.


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Dear friends and customers! I hope you are having a wonderful Fall season (or Spring for our friends below the equator).


Here at Ardath Aromas we have been touch by the thoughtfulness of our wonderful customers.

We would also like to wish the very most happist 60th Wedding Anniversary to our friends The Staffords and The Carvajals!

We honor and celebrate that we know TWO couples to reach this Amazing Milestone in December 2011!

Happy Holidays and New Years to all!

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Have fun dressing up during this festive time.

Here is daring Jersey Wooly cowbunny!

Be sure to treat yourself extra special as we move into a dryer season.



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We have a NEW BLEND! We didn't make this blend, our customers did. They were making there own blend, from our blends and told us how much they enjoyed it. We listened. Thus we have this rich blend with long beloved essential oils: Patchouli, Sandalwood, with touches of Lavender, Mandarin, Geranium, and even Bergamot. All those blend together, have their own little synergetic party and created a new scent, that's different from every component.

If you are into chakras, we are told that Sandalwood, is supposed to effect the third eye, or the Indigo chakra (thus the name). So this all natural blend, may help one see the world better. This blend is earthy, grounded and enjoyed by everyone.

I would like to give a big THANKS for Mike Pidwerbecki of the Siberi*Inn for his gracious permission to use this adorable picture of an Indigo-Bunting on our new scent Indigo.

This brilliantly coloured blue songbird was at one of his many feeders in Ontario. He snapped this before this rare bird flew away.

The Indigo-Bunting will migrate during the night, using the stars to direct itself (and perhaps it's 3rd eye?) They will travel from Central America all the way to Canada. In captivity, since they cannot migrate, they experience disorientation in April/May and in September/October if they cannot see the stars from their enclosure.

They are a relative of the brilliant Red Cardinal. I have never had the joy of seeing one in person. I look forward perhaps visiting the Siberi*Inn in Ontario, Canada. For more information about Mike, his Inn, and more wonderful photos, please see his site:


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The class went great; it was lots of fun, and I got asked a number of important questions. I always feel I learn many new things from my students. If you ever have any aromatherapy questions please feel free to write to We are always glad to help.

Everyone is invited to an Aromatherapy Class - Introduction to Essential Oils

on April, 28, 2007, 3:00 pm, Only $10.00 at
The Blissful Soul
4870 Eagle Rock Blvd., Eagle Rock, CA 90041

(323) 258-6900

Taught by David Roman Daniels of Ardath Aromas


What is an Essential Oils
How to blend with Essential Oils
How to use Essential Oils
Smell, learn and experience many different kinds of essential oils


See you there!


Happy April! yes it's Tax Season. Did you finish your taxes? Great, congratulate yourself and indulge in world of our wonderful naturally scented lotions.

Not done yet? Don't worry, there is still some time.

We whipped up another big batch of our wonderful Rose products. Mother's day is coming up, and doesn't your mother deserve some wonderful healthy products?

It's already March! We are back from our company holiday cruise, and ready to fulfill your orders. We had a wonderful time, made new friends, and visited several ports including Catalina and Mexico.

Here is a picture from the ship as we left Ensenada harbor. After a wonderful day at the world largest marine geyser the 'Bufadora' we were treated to beautiful clouds and a lovely sunset.

Sunset in Ensenada, Mexico from our Ship

January 19th, 2007. We have been working some HUGE private label orders. You may be using our products and not even know it. In addition to everything we do, we are a private label manufacture; we make our fine products for other companies and spas. Some will say that they are manufactured by us, and some are a little more reclusive (due to their overhead and markup.) For the best value, you can always buy from us, direct from the manufacture.

Till next time, enjoy your aromatic life!


It's David again! It's January 10th, we are getting some rave reports about our new Rosemary Scalp Treatment. It's a treatment I learned from my Aroma Therapy Master, who learned it from a colleague. It feels like a massage for your scalp. It's a mixture of Rosemary, Sweet Almond Oil and other goodies that you apply to the scalp, cover and relax.

It feels so good, like you are getting a massage. It makes it's own warmth and my instructor said his colleague had long beautiful hair that she attributed to the treatments. Use about once a week. I'll get after Spooky (our own web master) to put it up as a new product.


Greetings! This is David it's January 3rd, 2007 I hope you had a wonderful New Year and are busy keeping your resolutions. I wanted to share one from a wise young man (a nephew of mine) "Be more respectful to the people I care about." How's that for a good one!

Today we will be making one of our custom lotions for a private label customer. It's a long batch process, and takes most of the day. It comes in two varieties, our Lavender, and a naturally scented Gardenia.

We are now taking order for Valentines Day, be sure to order early.

The word "Ardath" is an ancient word that means place of healing. Our aspiration is to provide the best Natural Skin Care and Aroma Therapy products that work in harmony to help heal and keep the body healthy. We strive to find the finest raw materials, and artfully blend them through the best knowledge to create our unique healthy products.

The beautiful Actress/Model Lyndsey Lantz.

We studied the use of traditional emollients from around the world. We found our favorites to include: rich moisturizing Shea Butter from Africa, nurturing Jojoba Oil from the deserts of North America, gentle Almond Oil from western Asia, light Coconut Oil from Oceania, and a new discovery, Meadowfoam Oil, from the Pacific North West; these give us the best natural bases. Then we add the finest aromatic materials from plants extracted by distillation, infusion and other means. Our aromatic materials, the essential oils and extracts, are also from all over the globe: just a few include Frankincense, Rose, Orange, Eucalyptus, Lemon, and Sandalwood.

We regard plants as the best chemist on the planet as gifts from nature. All of our products are designed with healing of the body and keep it healthy, in mind. If one nourishes the skin with what it needs, then it will help keep this largest organ on the body healthy. We realized, when the skin on the body is healthy, the skin on the face is clearer, and one has a better feeling of well-being.

Our Scent of the Month of April is

Our fastest selling new blend!

We start, by making our own infusion of Organic Madagascar Vanilla, the sweetest vanilla on the planet. Then we added touches of the tropical flower Ylang ylang, because as some say, 'Everything needs a little ylang." Then we round it out, and add a heavenly mystery we at a touch of Jasmine.

Our result is a sweet, almost heavenly floral scent. Ylang is also reported help balance skin. Vanilla Flowers is so nice, that many may want to wear it as a perfume. It may become as essential as 'that little black dress' for the well dresses woman.

Vanilla Flowers would make a wonderful Valentine's Day gift.

Aroma Butter®
4 oz.


To learn more about topical Aroma Therapy, exchange ideas, and have fun. We have our very own Yahoo group!

To learn more about topical Aroma Therapy, exchange ideas, and have fun. We have our very own Yahoo group!

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Our Rose products would make a lovely gift!



Another Unsolicited Testimonial:

"I ran out of your soap (African Black Soap) and so I switched to another "beauty bar" for two days. It dried my skin, it was horrible!

I need more of that African Black Soap and some for my friend, it's Wonderful!

K. in California

Order your own African Black Soap



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